Best Ways To Bring People To Your Website


Starting a website is one thing, but how do you bring traffic to it once it’s made?  Simply starting a website and hoping that people land on it are the same as throwing a birthday party without giving out any invitations then sitting around wondering for guests to show up.

A consistent effort is the best way to ensure that your website is heard about far and wide.  Don’t just make the effort once then expect that this will carry on working.  You must continue to upkeep all avenues of your marketing.  Consumers will be attracted to that which is repeatedly in their sight.

Try this tried and true marketing tips for bringing people to your website, and keep at it.

Bring People To Your Website

Facebook Page

These days a fan page on Facebook is an industry standard directly reflecting how much of an audience you have.  Unlike a blog, where you can only see the stats from the back end, a Facebook fan page has the stats right there for you to see.  For example, Park West Gallery, an international gallery offering auctions aboard luxury cruise ships, is an excellent example of a fantastic business fan page.

When landing on the page, visitors can see there are over 15,000 fans, their next gallery event is listed, a very obvious link to their website. contact information, hours, and links to their various services and accounts.  The page is frequently updated and very active. All of this is the complete package for attracting people to a website.

Word Of Mouth

There is nothing quite like hearing the recommendation of a product from a friend or family member.  There is something to be said for hearing it directly from someone as opposed to a review online or on television.

Ideally, your customers will have had such a positive experience with you that they won’t hesitate to share their experience with everyone they know.

You can encourage this by offering business cards or other marketing material which lists your website.  Additionally, you can offer a referral benefit, like a coupon or free services.


These days YouTube is the equivalent of prime time television.  Create a marketing ad for your website and pay for advertising in between users viewing videos.  These little “commercials” are great marketing strategies for people to be drawn to your website.

Try making something creative rather than a basic advertisement.  Creative and hilarious beats cut and dry any day!

Email Campaign

An email campaign is the best way to get the word out to a large amount of people all at once.  You can create what is called a mail merge so that it is addressed to the name of each individual person instead of an impersonal “spam” email.

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