How to Begin Your Own Money Saving Blog


Whilst starting your own blog may seem like a daunting task, knowing the essential tips and tricks will help get your blog running off the ground and attracting the audience you want.

Layout and Design

As you know what the content of your blog is going to be, the first thing you need to think about is how it is going to look. The style and design of your blog needs to be eye-catching, appealing, and relevant to your target audience. There are many websites available to help create your blog, such as WordPress. However, bear in mind that whilst the basic tools are free to use, you may want to pay a small fee a month for your own custom domain name, as well as more storage space.

Attracting Readers

The next step of the process is to know exactly who you are targeting. As we all want to save money no matter what our age is, it is important to attract a certain demographic, otherwise, your blog will end up being too vague and not have much character. For example, if you were to target a younger audience, be sure to do your research on what the type of websites they use, so you can promote your blog in the right places. Also, offering competitions and personalized emails full of relevant deals will keep your readers interested.

Social Media

Social Media

A great way to start is by using social media platforms such as Facebook. One of the key benefits of targeting social media users is that it is free to set up your own business page. The more places you promote your blog, the more chance you have of readers visiting your blog. Be sure to promote in the right places and pay the same amount of attention to your social media pages as well as your blog, as readers may visit both.

Finding Your Content

For readers to stay interested, you need to ensure that you provide correct, interesting, and up to date content. As you will be providing deals and money saving tips to your readers, be sure to check out websites such as Zoom the List, which gives customers an easier way of finding second-hand items for sale at a lower cost. Having links to websites that provide deals and cheaper products will mean your readers are likely to return, as opposed to having to source all the information themselves.

Patience is a Virtue

An important thing to remember is that success won’t happen overnight. When beginning your blog, don’t feel disheartened if readers don’t come to it as quick as you would hope. Many successful blogs start off with a low readership, but through time, word of mouth and most importantly, promotion, they have managed to build on their following and create a successful blog. Also, make sure you are consistent with content, as readers are more likely to come back if you are reliable and put a lot of effort in.

Ensure you stay consistent, provide relevant information and target your demographic well, you should be able to maintain a healthy readership and create a successful blog.

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