7 Creative Ways to Show Your Graphic Design Skills


7 Creative Ways to Show Your Graphic Design Skills

As a graphic designer, there are many different things that you can do to not only improve your skills but to be creative and unique. Once you decide how to create your own fingerprint, you will be confident enough to show off your skills and attract clients. There are many different locations in which your work can be viewed. There are many websites that allow you to view their list of design agencies to submit work and have your work reviewed from the professionals. There are many ways in which you can show others your design skills. Here are a few ways to show your graphic design skills to others.

  1. Design Skills. With the design skills that you have perfected over the years, be sure to creatively display your capabilities clearly. By using the design concepts that you are most comfortable with, you must convey your information in a creative and straight forward way so that those viewing your work understand what it is you are trying to convey and the point of your work.
  2. Art Skills. Improving on the art skills that are used in your graphic design, color and mixed painting techniques set your work apart from other designers’ work and allow your work to stand-out and be remembered. Showing your graphic design skills means that it is important to demonstrate strong art skills.
  3. Abstract Skills. Conducting research and brainstorming designs will allow you to meet your own expectations and meet specific objectives that demonstrate conceptual skills. Conceptual skills are important for graphic design because it shows that effort was put into the work that was done.
  4. Lettering Skills. As with art and design skills, graphic designers need to possess lettering skills as well. These skills must be as strong, if not stronger, than the design skills to ensure that the lettering skills do not negatively affect the overall outcome of the work.
  5. Process Skills. Process skills are essential to graphic design work because if standard steps are not correctly followed, the completion of the project will be weak or suffer from various flaws. This will surely affect your credibility as a graphic designer.
  6. Software Skills. It is important that you, as a graphic designer, know what you are doing when completing your project using images, Photoshop and Adobe to just name a few programs. These skills will combine various elements of the skill in turn demonstrating strong software skills as a graphic designer.
  7. Production Skills. Understanding options for printing your work is imperative when showing your work to others. This is important because this is the first impression of your work. If your work is not properly displayed, your work will suffer in turn causing your reputation as a graphic designer to suffer.

When displaying your graphic design to others, it is important that you are confident in your work and that you are willing to take constructive criticism. Being open to suggestions will allow you to not only grow as a graphic designer but also to create different and unique ways to complete your personalized work.

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