5 Killer Landing Page Designing Ideas to Get More Conversion


Putting together a masterpiece of a landing page can be difficult. And with so many website proposals on the web, how do you know which one is the best? If you are looking to increase your conversions or simply create your very own landing page then you need to look at what is working for others. Most landing pages are the same copy and paste styles which we have seen a hundred times or more. When designing your own page, you should focus on a modern and minimalistic design, with contrasting colors and engaging imagery.

Landing Page Designing Ideas to Get More Conversion

There are many landing page templates and services available, but they won’t all work for your page. A lot of elements go into a converting landing page. Define what your goals are before your decide which one is best for your website.

Today we are bringing you 5 killer landing pages to take your design inspiration from!

  1. Wistia

    First on the List is the Wisteria landing page. A very minimal design which is made up on a simple form field and a simple blue background. The page itself is very short, it only has a form and a few questions below to answer some commonly asked questions. By separating the two sections with such a stark contrast, the page set itself up to be highly converting.

  2. Unbounce

    Unbounce has literally written a book on highly converting sales pages. They have done an exceptional job with this page. The images on the page have been displayed in a way which diverts the customers’ eyes to the signup button. This is a great trick that you should definitely use in your own landing pages.


    The IMPACT landing pages have been a strong source of inspiration for many web developers and business owners. The simple layout of the page is very elegant, and the large size copy at the top of the page simply states what to expect from the product. This is an overall gorgeous page design with one of the best opt in forms we have seen.

  4. WebDAM

    Another great landing page. From the colors to the icons used in the form field, this landing page stands out from others with its highly unique design style. The opt in box itself stands out from the other colors with its blue background and the complementary of range opt in button does its job of pushing users through in a great way. The use of testimonials on this site is a wonder to behold.
  5. Bills.com

    Bills.com is the best example of an interactive landing page. Without user input, the page is empty. Instead the user is directed to use a slider to input information. As the user moves through the sections, more and more information can be found on the webpage. This is great for people who are offering a service as opposed to a product. Bills.com is a debt agency, and offers different packages to clients based on their individual needs

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