3 Ways Email is Still A Credible and Valid Marketing Strategy For Companies in 2017


As technology progresses, people are often too quick to say certain technologies or strategies that once revolutionized the way business was done are on the out and will no longer be credible within a short number of years. While this may be true with varying trends or technologies, it’s not always the case.

Email was a technology that revolutionized the world, and today, it’s still being used by most everybody who has access to the internet. While there are new technologies coming out every day that streamline the communication process and seek to put other technologies like email out of business, here are 3 ways email is still a credible and valid marketing strategy for companies and will be even as time creeps closer to the year 2017:

3 Ways Email is Still A Credible and Valid Marketing Strategy For Companies in 2017

It’s A Built-in App on Mobile Devices

While there are many ways to target an audience through marketing, email is essentially free marketing. People voluntarily offer up their email to you so that you can push them newsletters and products and promotions and they have access to their emails in a built-in interface right on their phone.

Since email is still believed to be the professional way to communicate, an individual can’t really get away with not having an email account, so you can market to a wide client base for free and people can just choose to ignore you, but because other things in life bring them back to their emails constantly, you’re always going to be presence in the back of their brain and email feed.

It’s A Secure Way to Transfer Data

Of course, email isn’t the safest way to transfer data or important information, but often, it’s all that people or companies have, so it’ll have to make do. Be sure to encrypt your email service within your marketing department and other business departments so that you’re not getting into trouble with HIPAA or any other companies, but since emails can easily be encrypted, this means that you can transact secure business over email and it allows you to continue to push your marketing efforts through email platform as much as you would like.

Email is Required By Almost Everything

As touched on a little bit before, email isn’t going anywhere. Every business outlet in the world works through it, and when a customer wants to buy a product, email is the primary method of communication and is used to confirm transactions and receipts of those transactions. For a company, it’s free marketing for yourself and your product, but looking into the future, you don’t have to be scared that it’s going anywhere because something major would have to change for the entire world to stop using email as it’s primary vehicle to make business transactions.

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