3 Best Reasons to Transfer Your Website


Not all website hosting services are built the same. Unfortunately, a lot of site owners don’t realize this until after visitors begin coming in. As a result, the website may not be performing as well as the owner would hope. In fact, a lack-luster performance from a web host can be ultimately devastating for the success of any website.

Luckily, owners don’t have to keep their digital real estate at any one specific host. If a better provider is available, then it makes logical sense to move. Since the success of the site is important, users shouldn’t have to be limited by the host.

Below are three of the best reasons to transfer your website. While this may sound like a difficult task, it can be just as easy as packing up the house and moving to a new home. Only in this instance, it’s digital assets that are being transported.

Reason #1: Better Features for Site Success

One of the biggest reasons why many owners move the website is because of better available features. Not all hosting companies offer the same software, server hardware or security methods for the success of the website. Perhaps the host is lacking available tech support at various times of the day.

The bottom line is that some hosts provide tools for boosting success as part of their platform.

For example, a lot of website developers would rather use the admin software cPanel. This administrative program has a wide range of tools from managing files to installing content management systems with a few clicks of the mouse. It offers an easy-to-use system for setting up emails, sub-domains and offers an excellent method for managing databases in MySQL. Not all hosts provide this tool.

Other features that may be attractive by some hosting companies include:

  • Advertising credits for Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Free website templates to use.
  • Integrated and automatic visitor tracking applications such as Awstats.
  • Servers equipped with Static State Drives for faster websites.
  • Backup and recovery plans.
  • 24/7 live chat, phone or ticket support systems.

A lot of the bells and whistles available on some hosting plans improve the overall success of a website. For instance, larger corporations would appreciate the ability to create unlimited email accounts. This supports business development and can accommodate a much larger corporate infrastructure.

One option that many look for is the prospect of unlimited web space. However, this shouldn’t be a high priority unless the site’s purpose is to provide digital file downloads or host a large number of graphics. Most websites are relatively small depending on the number of images and the extent of content.

Reason #2: Closer Servers to Local Target Audience

Distance plays a big role when it comes to targeting specific demographics. The further away the servers are from the audience, the slower the site will become. This is because of how much hardware the data has to travel through in order to get to a visitor.

For example, a visitor located in Georgia would access a website server located in Texas faster than a visitor located in Europe. Because most people will leave a website if it doesn’t load fast enough, this latency can pose a problem.

In reality, the best way to engage a European market would be to use a server located in or near Europe. The same can be said about North American hosting.

What about content delivery networks? A CDN does an excellent job of getting websites closer to visitors around the globe. However, not all hosts provide this feature. One of the best ways to engage a worldwide market, especially if the site is based in eCommerce, is to use a web host that offers a CDN.

Accessibility for search engines is also a priority when choosing server location. Speed is a factor in how a website ranks in search engines, and a server in a remote location from the search engine could lower the exposure in the results page. This is another instance in which a CDN can be of great benefit.

If you have a website for a brick-and-mortar business in Los Angeles and are targeting visitors in LA, it would only make sense to transfer your website to a hosting provider with a server in that city. That is, if you’re able to choose the location. Some hosts do not give that option unless they are contacted directly.

Reason #3: Website or Business Expansion

Perhaps one of the most prominent reasons why owners transfer websites is because of growth. Not all hosts can accommodate huge leaps in expansion, which will stunt the development of the site. Here are a few things that often get in the way of online growth:

  • Not enough web space available for the site.
  • Extra charges because bandwidth limits are reached by monthly visitors.
  • Limited availability for sub-domains to develop other areas of the website.
  • Limited email capacity when a business grows beyond the allotted accounts.
  • Not enough server resources to keep the site online and active because of traffic.
  • Not enough security available if a business begins storing confidential data.

It’s the purpose of all website owners to develop a piece of digital real estate that becomes popular. Whether it’s a blog or selling goods through eCommerce, more traffic often means more income. If the host cannot accommodate for continued growth, it’s only holding the website back from its true potential.

Content, search engine optimization, visual design and functionality mean very little when hosted on substandard accounts. While these smaller hosting options may be cheaper in the beginning, they also have potential to hinder future development. Without a strong foundation for the site, it may never live up to its full capacity.

In Conclusion…

Choosing the right hosting platform may take a bit of research. However, there is nothing holding you back if you want to transfer your website to a new and more productive host. Don’t assume that the website is stuck with being located in a place where growth is limited.

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