Four Things You Should Be Using On Your Website For More Outreach


Who is your website getting to? How many people are finding it and visiting it? Sure, you can look at the stats, but high or low you’ll always want to be bringing in me readers. Those readers will potentially be buyers, the more the better.

If you want to have a website that attracts people, then you need to have things on the site that they are attracted too. You also need to be finding places to post links to your site, and those things on your site, where they can find out about them and your business. Here are a few of those things.


Put some videos up on your website. Show people what it looks like behind the scenes, or how to use your products, or even create your own little commercials. Not only will you want to have these on your website, but they are great to post on social media, including YouTube.

People enjoy watching videos, especially ones of a how-to and tutorial nature. You can teach them troubleshooting with your products this way as well. It’s a great tool for businesses to draw attention and attract new customers because you are building trust by letting them into your world.


Blog marketing

A business blog is the ideal place to show your expertise in whatever line of business you are in. Even if you’re just a freelance writer your blog is an excellent place to show your writing skills and talk about the things that you are most passionate about when it comes to writing.

Your blog, however, isn’t going to do you any good if you rarely update it. The more you blog, the more people are going to come visit your blog. Skip blogging on weekends, when people are hopefully out enjoying their lives, and try to post two or three new blog posts a week (on separate days).

Links To Social Media

Just as you want people to find the links you share to your business page through your social media sites, you also want them to find your social media sites through your links. If they are following you on all the social sites your business is on, then they are more likely to be reminded to visit your website and blog often.

Shopping Cart

Even if you’re selling services through your website, you should have some sort of shopping cart set up. You should also have a page (or pages) that tell people about all of your different products and/or services. Think of it as an online brochure.

As far as that shopping cart goes, people will be more likely to buy something from you if you make it easy for them to do so!

im sam from France, j'aime bien les illustrations et le design avec photoshop..etc i hope all the success for this website and i hope that we well share a lot of stuffs here!! excuse me for my english lol


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