Five web design trends that will never go out of style


Just like denim jeans, there are some fashions that will never go out of style. Though we live in a world where technology is developing all the time and giving us new web design trends every year, there are some looks that will survive all kinds of cultural changes, including a shift into smartphones.

Whether you’re designing a website for the first time or are considering shaking up your site’s current look, here are five web design trends that will stand the test of time.

Flat web design

Flat design

There’s nothing more refreshing than simplistic web design, and nothing could be simpler than ‘flat’ web design, which more or less does exactly what it says on the tin. It negates the need for design elements such as shadows, gradients and glow effects, and instead uses simple two-dimensional imagery to effectively guide users around a site. The concept dates back to the 40s and isn’t showing any signs of disappearing any time soon.

Striking background images

What better way of setting the tone for your website than drawing in the visitor’s eye with a striking background image? Though designers have flitted between text and images for their websites’ background in the past, it seems a good image has emerged triumphant. This has proven particularly effective on gaming websites – check out this example here at, which uses a striking image of a city skyline to draw in players and encourage them to make the most of the games on offer.

Solid blocking

This is one that has been around for years but has seen a resurgence thanks to the smartphone generation – as more and more devices become touch screen, the need for solid blocking has never been greater, helping users to effectively navigate around the page with the swipe of a finger. Clear cut boxes, which vary in size and content, help users to distinguish different types of content (for example blogs versus videos) and make an altogether clearer design.

Oversized type

How can you get someone’s attention instantly? Go bigger and bolder! While this is a trend that is relatively new on the web design circuit, it’s one which will doubtless hang around for years simply thanks to its effectiveness. It works particularly well for Basecamp, and makes sites even more smartphone friendly – something will help expand its shelf life in the digital age.


A trend which began amongst fashion websites and photographers, this trend is one which has made its way into all kinds of websites, giving webhosts the chance to give their site a more ‘personal’ approach. Those who want to experiment with photography should only use high resolution photos, and make sure the content interacts with the images.

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