20 High Quality Mac Icons Set


20 High Quality Mac OS and Windows Icons Set Collection, several icons to use for your websites and blogs to give it a grunge and fresh looking, icons are always good to attract your visitors, here is a showcase of 20 essential Icons set.

White Toasted Bread icons
Someone may want to use this for the application Toast.
Download 11 icons for Mac and Windows.

Nitro Color folders 2.0 by Ohmyicons

This polished, colored and innovative folders will look great your desktop. Contain 8 folder icons in high definition for Mac OSX and Windows. Download now.

Adobe GoLive CS4 folders

12 icons for Adobe GoLive CS4 folders for Mac OS X in icns format by Tusba. Download is available here.

Newsreader Caffeinated Icon

Reading news, accompanying with cup of coffe. Here are 4 custom icons for Mac OS X application NewsReader. Download and chose coffe you like the most! Author of the icons: Bruno Torres

Microsoft Office Updates Disk icon

Do you use Microsoft Office, right? Notice there are many updates to this software and when you burn them all on a CD or DVD one thing left to do is to customize disk icon with one like this. Download ICNS & PNG

Mac OS X custom folders icons

4 Mac OS X folder icons for specific use: Adobe Applications, Aperture folder, Torrents (Games) and Windows Software. Download here

Mica folders by Antikkia

Antikkia created 51 totally dark folder icons and 1 mail icon. In .icontainer and .icns format for Mac OS X and in PNG for Windows

Graphite Folders Set for Mac

If you like the graphite look in Mac OS X Leopard (or earlier) you might notice that default folders do not look well with this color scheme. So, to match them 2ShaeNL created this graphite set, with 17 icons in iContainer, PNG and in ICNS format. Download here

Litho System Icon Set Extras Volume 7 and more

The Iconfactory again released additional icons for their famous Litho System — OS icons replacement set, which can be either used on Mac or Windows. It has been first released on 18th of December, 2007 and the most recent addition (Volume 7) is on Jun 30, 2009. Well, this theme have a small brother — the same style replacement for iPhone.
Here are the links to previews of each issue. Click through and choose the format to download (Mac, Windows or iContainer)
Litho System and Extras: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 7

QuicktimeX custom icon

Kevin Turner has created QuicktimeXxX custom icons. Though he uses PC and these icons are in PNG, if you are on a Mac and black shades lover with appropriate theme — these icons should fit your desktop and your mood. Download here, there are 6 colors.

From Russia With Love

Russian Icon Set by VisualPharm. Free for personal use and creators require linking to their website. If you don’t want to place a link you have to purchase them. Click here to download for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows.

The Agency Icon Set

Whoever you are, remember — Big Brother is watching you! If you are one of those working on uncle Sam these icon set will be useful. There are 164 Icons for Mac OS and Windows and Last minute Bonus.
Download for personal use only: for Mac OS X and for Windows Vista.
Icons are by Jake Gabriel of Quantum Studio Ltd.


300 Spartans
4 great icons for your folders: Spartan Helmet, Spartan Shield, Spartan Sword, Spartan Sword & Shield. Download (mac)

Creatures Icons

12 freeware icons of cute and funny creatures by FastIcon: BigEyes, Black, BlackPower, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Tentacles, Tie, White. Download 

News Fire Replacement Icons
NewsFire Replacement icons
Glossy and Matte icons for NewsFire RSS reder for Mac, based on Feed icon and flames.


Leopard Application icons 512×512
Leopard Application Icons
Super high-quality icons from upcoming Leopard version of Mac OS X. All 43 icons are in PNG and 512×512 resolution.

Download for personal use.



Lens Icon by Alejandro Lopez

Lens Icon by Alejandro Lopez
Check out this superb Lens Icon by Alejandro Lopez. Superb icons for superb lenses! Must have if your hobby is photography.
Download links for Mac and Windows.


Loop-Factory Icons 1.0

These are Loop-Factory Icons, which is the Audio-Loops Download Store with royalty free loops in the Acid file format. There only 4 icons plus their logo, but i think they worth posting here. Download icons if you would like.

Free Folder Icons Replacements for Leopard and Vista

IconDesigner.net from Netherlands just released his massive folder set, featuring high-detailed Leopard and Vista ready professionally created icons. Those you see on top are only the small preview, there are over 34 icons on numerous topics and colors. Available in PNG, ICNS, ICO and iContainer formats in all needed sizes. Download icons for free (6.6 Mb).

Adobe CS3 Style Dock Icons for Adium

Got Adobe CS3 application running right there in your dock? If you are a Mac user you might be using Adium for instant messaging.
Isn’t it nice to have your favorite IM application icon next to Photoshop or Illustrator in your dock be the same style? Yes! So why are you waiting, download theme at AdiumXtras.


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