130 Free Nature Icons Set Resources


130 Free Nature Icons Set Resources for web designers, if you look for interesting nature green energy icons for your web project so here is a collection of some amazing professional icons set.

The Green Energy Icons Set (download)
Environmental & Green Energy Icons Set on white background for Adobe Illustrator.

The Eco Design (download)

The EPA Icons (download)
A set of rounded icons by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set (download)
This is a nice set with some icons nautre-inspired.

Gaia 08-09
Climate change and the conservation of our planet is one of the most impartant issues facing us today. Inspired by Live:Earth, a group of Customize.org members tried to find a way of contributing their own part with this beautiful icon set. You can find the new icon set Gaia 09 here.

Environment – Set 72 (download)
This is definitively one of my preferred icon set available on myVectorStore.

Green Icons (download)
A nice set of icons representing the human responsibility to help protect our environment.

Satin Environment and Nature Icons (download)

Environment icons (download)
Another beautiful green icon set.

Tulliana 2 (download)
These icons designed by Umut Pulat are not strictly related to the environment and nature but colors and some characteristic of their design are particularly suitable for this topic.

The Nature Icons by Alexey Potapov (download)
An elegant and essential icon set designed by Alexey Potapov.

The Green Environment set by niclienos (download)
This set of icons designed by niclienos is another of my preferred set.


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