20 Free Fonts For Web Designers


20 Free High quality Fonts For Web Designers, You get Pompadour Numeral Set, Lato, Crimson Text, Espinosa Nova, Musa Ornata, Spatha Sans, ColorLines, Roke1984, Neuton, and other fonts, note that some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such, Please read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts, they may change from time to time.

1. Pompadour Numeral Set (.eps, released under Creative Commons)

2. Lato (open-source sans serif)

3. Crimson Text

4. Espinosa Nova: Regular (registration is required)


5. Color Lines

6. Baurete (free download)

7. Neuton Font

8. Melbourne (personal use only)

9. ROKE1984

10. Free Font FR Hopper: regular and italic (registration required)

11. Darth Vador Free Font

12. Classic Round: medium and italic (registration required)

13. League Script #1

14. Four Free Type

15. Musa Ornata

16. Phoenica Std (personal use only, registration is required)

17. Free Font Adec

18. Thunderball

19. Spatha Sans

20. Spatha Serif

21. My Fair Cody

22. Matchbook

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