Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin – Giveaway for FREE


Seodesign provide today this awesome responsive posts carousel WordPress plugin that worth 30$ for FREE. Awesome light weight and powerful WordPress Plugin that lets you display gallery images, posts and custom post types in a touch-enabled carousel slider.

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

You can choose from 30 plus ready to use templates and 100% customizable from Live Template Editor. You can create almost all types of sliders including Vertical Slider, Multi-Row Slider, Showcases etc. The number of columns for sliders can be defined separately for each device (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) and Equal Height mode makes your slides more beautiful and symmetrical. The custom image size can also be selected to increase page load speed and the lazyload option lets you display your slider as the page loads.

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin Download

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin Download

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