5 Things to Check Before Hiring a Team for 3D Animation Projects


When you are looking to create a piece of 3D animation, whether it is for a business or for entertainment purposes, you will need to get together with a team that specializes in these types of 3D animation projects. When we usually think of 3D animation, we are casting our minds to movies or television shows. But with so many different types of ads, videos and product promotional content on the internet, there are so many reasons why you may want a short or longer 3D animated piece completed by a top quality company. But how to find such a company? Here are five things that should help you with your search.

  1. Place an Appropriate Ad

When you are looking to hire a top quality company for 3D animation projects, such as Spiel, you are going to want to place a relevant ad on various online job and work sites. Your ad must include details about your company or organization, why you want to hire a 3D animation team and a few details about the project you want them to take on.

  1. Assess the Teams Who Respond

You should receive multiple replies from teams that are interested in working with you on your project. The best way to sort through these teams is by assessing their track record before you do anything else. Take a look at how long they have worked in the industry, the types of jobs they have taken on in the past, and the type of animation they generally do.

  1. List of Companies Who Hired Them

One way to assess the quality of a 3D animation team is by taking a look at the companies that have hired them in the past.

  1. Rate their Reels

The reel you are sent by a 3D animation company as they are looking to audition for a job is probably the most important piece of content in determining whether you will hire them. You can look at all the histories and lists of their partners and references that you want, but if they present you with a mediocre animation reel, you are not going to want to work with them. And on the flipside, if a company does not have a hugely impressive list of companies who hired them, but they show you a sensational reel, you could do a lot worse than taking a chance on their quality.

There are many aspects that you have to assess within the reel they send you. Take a look at their technical proficiency. For instance, how are they handling the complex scenes, or the simple ones, and how do they get the transition between scenes right. Most animation teams will send you multiple content files, so you should have plenty of material to use as you assess their quality.

  1. Work with The Team

It is very important to work with the animation team you select during the initial stages. You have to present them with a very accurate idea about how you want the animation to look and feel. Unless you are willing to take whatever they come up with, you must be as specific as possible to ensure your vision matches their final product.

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