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11 Easter Vintage Clip Art Graphics

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10 Free Easter Vintage Clip Art Graphics By Karen From Graphicsfairy she’s really have a nice feeling and inspiration, that’s why we share her work over here at seodesign.us

little girl is dressed up as the Easter Bunny, she’s even got a couple of baskets filled with pastel eggs. A fun one to use in your Easter craft projects!

Victorian Easter card, showing 3 children with a giant Easter egg! Check out the two adorable Bunnies off to the side!
precious Victorian Easter card, showing a giant egg with a little child inside. I wish I could find a font that matches the typography on this egg …
Victorian Easter card, that shows a sweet yellow Peep, hatching out of an egg, inside of a bird’s nest!! The nest is surrounded by 2 huge Yellow Iris.
There are 2 cute cards, the one at the top shows a gorgeous vase of Violets with brightly colored eggs, the second one features a little girl with Daffodils and a basket of eggs.
This is a Victorian Easter card that shows an egg decorated with gorgeous purple Violets and pink Ribbons.
pretty vintage Easter card!!! This one shows a darling yellow chick, hatching out of an ornate Easter egg.

This is another one from a huge antique typography book in my collection. Here we have two cute Easter Bunny Silhouettes, holding a giant Egg.

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