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Limit Posts in WordPress RSS Feed

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In order to Limit Posts in WordPress RSS Feed you have just to follow this quick WordPress turorial. As we all know, the RSS feeds is the most easy way to allow your website’s visitors to subscribe to your blog and get the new articles and updates directly to them Email Address. If you need to limit the number of posts that can be viewed in The RSS feed, simply follow this steps.

Limit Posts in WordPress RSS Feed Tutorial

1- From Your WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings => Reading

2- Change the value next to “Syndication feeds show the most recent” option and enter the number of posts you want to be displayed in RSS feed.

Limit Posts in WordPress RSS Feed

On the same page, you can also choose to display either the full text or summary of your posts in RSS feeds. We recommend using summary because it reduces the feed size and increases your pages view.

3- Save changes and that’s all.

you have successfully limited the number of posts displayed in RSS feed of your site. You may also want to take a look at our tutorial to learn how to add post thumbnails in RSS feed.

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