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15+ Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins

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In fact we always look for a way to controle the users and clients access to our wordpress website files available to download. that’s why Download management plugins are very essential to achieve this goal, especially if you are hosting many files that you would like to share with your users and clients or maybe to make some money from them or just to make the work the most easier for everyone by giving access to a wide range of your server directories..etc.
The wordpress download manager plugins can also be used to limit the amount of files downloaded by specific clients, users, IP addresses and much more other features to get full management of your files and who can get access to them.

Audit Trail Plugin

The Audit Trail Plugin can keep track of who does what in your (or a client’s) WordPress website. You get a running log of what’s going on in your website by recording who was logged in and what they did (in addition to thier IP address).

Risal Download Plugin

In fact anyone can hotlink the document directly (allowing unauthorized downloads from other websites). You may want people to actually visit your website and to get the download each time so this Plugin can help you to Achieve That goal : get Risal Download here.

Download Code Redeemer Plugin

This Plugin will help you to limit downloads is to require the user enter a code to get it (either one time, or unlimited times). Download Code Redeemer is a simple plugin but very powerful.

Front end File Manager Plugin

You maybe have a need to allow users upload documents from the front end of the website, the front end upload wordpress plugin allows people to upload from a page or post, but the nice thing about this plugin is that it allows you to assign custom taxonomy types to create “media categories” to better sort the files.
Download Front end Upload here.

Email Before Download Plugin

Maybe you want to supply email address to your clients or users before getting a download page. This plugin presents a form where the user submits information (name, email address) to get a file download. You can find the Email Before Download plugin here.

Tweet and Get it

Simply as it’s name, tweet about before download the file… download Tweet and Get it now.

WP Document Revisions

If you’re looking for a more professional way to management documents and revisions in WordPress, the WP Document Revisions Plugin is the way to go.

WP Publication Archive

The WP Publication Archive plugin uses the standard media upload tool, but you can upload PDF’s, Word docs, Powerpoint files and on your dashboard add searchable details about them using a custom post type interface.

List Yo Files Pro

List Yo’ Files Pro is a simple plugin that takes the files in a folder, and creates a list on a page or post for download.

WP Filebase Download Manager

The WP Filebase Plugin has features of multiple plugins listed here.
-publish audio (mp3) files
-restrict downloads
-create paginated sortable file lists
-build photo galleries
-upload files from the front end
-restrict download according to bandwidth or traffic

WordPress Download Monitor

The WP default media upload tool is great to have, but it doesn’t keep stats on anything, and the files you’ve uploaded are intermingled with your images. You can find WordPress download monitor here.

WP Download Manager

WP Download Mnaager has been around awhile too, it lists the files in a directory for download like in this example at the author’s website.
You can download WP Download Manager here

Role Scoper Plugin for WordPress

If you want to control what kinds of access your WP users have, then the Role Scoper Plugin is for you. You can have fine grained control over what have access to read, edit, delete, create, and manage within their WordPress account.

WP Download Codes

– This is a very useful plugin that was designed for limited release downloads. Can count how many people can download a release and can limit the amount as well. Has the ability to use download cards also. Download It From Here

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