Tattoo Pixelmator Video Tutorial


Learn how to make and add a tattou easily to a person in this in-depth with this free pixelmator video tutorial, Tattoo design image and the Bikini picture downloaded from (stock.xchng), the leading free stock photography site. All credit for the picture goes to (stock.xchng) and the photographer “fura”. Continue reading

Create an Aurora Effect With Pixelmator

Aurora Effect With Pixelmator

This is a Video tutorials to learn how to Create an Aurora Effect With Pixelmator. Learn how to create an Aurora backgrounds and wallpapers for your web design projects. Making the beautiful Aurora Borealis in Pixelmator is too simple, with this tutorials you will take less than 5 minutes to create a nice aurora effects. Pixelmator is a popular image editor for Mac OS X. While Photoshop is the industry standard, Pixelmator has a lot to offer for Mac users. Continue reading

Eye Colors Pixelmator Video Tutorials


Free Pixelmator Tutorials : Today i would like to share with you this pixelmator video tutorials to learn how to make Color Eye and colorful eyes effects, a pretty quick but cool tutorial showing you how to get colourful rainbow eye with Pixelmator and how to change someone eye color. Continue reading