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Tutorial : Smoke Effect With Photoshop

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Free photoshop tutorials : smoke effect, learn how to creat a abstract on dark smoke effect with photoshop on 7 easy fast steps which will give you other inspiration to creat other semilar effects :

1 – Create some Shapes: I created some random shapes.

Create some random shapes

2 – Apply a Gaussian blur on each shape

Create some random shapes

3 – Using the liquify filter

Create some random shapes

4 – Positioning the shapes

Create some random shapes

5 – Adding some colors

Use the Hue/Saturation with the colorize selected to add some colors
Add a background color on the layer of the shape, otherwise the Hue/Saturation won’t work

6 – Creating a cloud behind the smoke

Creating the cloud
Set a feather with a high value, like 40 to 80, and after that apply the hue/saturation on the cloud too

7 – Adding a gradient to create an atmosphere

Create some random shapes
The gradient will give a atmosphere and more depth to the image

Final Result

Create some random shapes

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