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Gimp Tutorials: Depth of Field Blurring

Gimp Tutorials: Depth of Field Blurring

You’ve likely come across beautiful stock photos of objects or people with beautiful and dramatic background blurring; in fact, many website builders now offer helpful stock image access…


Gimp Tutorials – Grunge Typography Design Poster

Free Gimp Tutorial to learn how to create Grunge Typography Design Poster By Puteraaladin : In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a typography design…


Gimp Tutorials : Web 2.0 Buttons and Graphics

Gimp Tutorial : Web 2.0 Buttons and Graphics By Binny V A a Freelancer from India : in this tutorial we will see how to create a Web 2.0…


Bokeh Effect With Gimp

While i was looking to how to creat a Bokeh Effect, i found a blog called PA Blog who converted a photoshop tutorial to creat a bokeh effects…


Free Gimp Tutorials : Light Painting Effect

Learn How To Make a  Light Painting Effect by following this Gimp Tutorial by Puteraaladin The original tutorial was made by Fabio Sasso in his wonderful site Abduzeedo….