SkateBoard Illustration By Pale Horse

SkateBoard Illustration

Awesome skateboard illustrations inspiration made by Pale Horse. Colored Illustrations with cute beautiful touch of inspiration. Pale Horse is a great designer artist that i found on behance network, this Last Fiesta Of 12 Skateboard illustrations inspired from Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ is a piece he created for his solo exhibit Saints & Sinners, here at the Pale Horse Studio, Hand-made shadow box by Casey Paquet. Continue reading

30 Cute Animals Pictures Photography


30 Cute amazing animals pictures photography by different artists inspiration skills but also a courage because some animals are difficult to approach and thus a knowledge of the animal behaviour is needed in order to be able to predict their actions and to take a cool photos of them like the showcase you see here.

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Thursday Tragiklabs Artworks Monsters Illustrations Inspirations #3


This thursday on our artists illustrations inspirations posts we come out with Tragiklabs Artworks. The arts is just awesome, with some Psychadelic arts, Tragiklab is the experimental playground of Dhanank Pambayun a.k.atragikpixel evolving to an experimental room for various commercial and personal projects such as, 2d animation,graphic, digital/manual illustration, and much more, also support any independent projects, like a offline and online digital art exhibition After an intense two years experiment, tragikpixel has turned into tragiklabs. But Lately Tragiklab is dead, and turn into Evergrunge.

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Amazing Illustrator Artists Inspiration

Amazing selected illustrator artists illustrations inspiration that absolutely have to share, Here is some great work from Grzegorz Domaradzk a.k.a Gabz, Poland based illustrator-graphic designer. I’m really enjoying his work, such as his Anerican Beauty and DECONSTRUCTING HARRY movie poster piece below, where he create awesome vector with slick color usage.

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Thursday Artists Illustration Inspiration #1


Thursday Inspiration #1 : Today Inpiration artists illustration is just amazing, every thursday we will try to bring you the best inspirations and we hope to read your comments about them, if you need us to share your inspirations you can drop us a message from the contact page.

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10 Websites Using Original Parallax Effect Design


10 Websites Using Original Parallax Effect Design : Today the Web Design Blogs is using this new trend more and more, the parallax effect, From the classical static background with horizontally of vertically moving foreground ro the in-depth pseudo 3D effects, dancing elements of the menu – there are no limits for your imagination.
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Anime Inspiration By Rye-Bread


Very awesome anime inspiration illustration by the talented Rye Bread. We Started To Get a Glance At Deviantart Which have a great artists from all over the world, One of them is *Rye-Bread, a guy from the United States, who’s been doing some amazing illustrations. Continue reading

20 3D Typography Inspiration


20 different 3D Typography Inspiration Illustration from a very good artists and designers to get inspired, we always love to use the art of 3D typography so check out and appreciate the amazing architecture of 3D typography and we hope some of them will inspire you to build ones too.

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