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Illustrations Design Inspiration By John Bivens

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Collection of comics illustration design inspiration by John Bivens a illustrator and designer from Illinoi Chicago Area USA, we hope you will enjoy his work and you will be inspired by his design imagination touch.


a variety of little charlie sketches, with some other stuff mixed in.




Forest For The Trees

The sequential corpse project that I’m doing with fellow creator, Kevin Mellon, launched a couple of weeks ago (Kevin’s next page will be up today at noon central time).

whatsit warm-up

Have no idea what it is, just doing some sketching in Manga Studio for some fun. Been spending most of my time writing and doing thumbs and concept sketches, so it felt good sitting at the tablet again.


Charlie RP












Sketchy too



Page of the sketchbook I filled up, while watching TV with the fiancee last night. 


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