Rendering Interior Scene Design With 3Ds Max and Vray 2.0 By chalo hendrix

chalo_hendrix is a 3d designer i found while surfing on taringa, here is an amazing Rendering and Moddeling of Interior Scene Design With 3Ds Max and Vray 2.0, we wait for your comments.

Author : ahssini

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  1. chalo hendrix

    I am not a designer, I am architect, it is curious for my see my models published in this blog, but I am grateful that your you place the site wherefrom you extracted the images. Your account in taringa?? Are you a user of the page??

    • yes we found your work on taringa and we posted them here, you really do a great work.

      • chalo hendrix

        Thanks!! my real name is Gonzalo Hernández C.
        good page, regards from Chile.

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